Best livid dagger setup.

Feb 28, 2022. #8. shadow fury is better than livid dagger. though I would argue livid dagger can be better for mid game players since well, shadow fury rely on a good talisman setup (which you WILL get eventually) that can provide you with attack speed bonus. but for some midgame players they dont have those talismans (which you should if youre ...

Best livid dagger setup. Things To Know About Best livid dagger setup.

Hotbar: Livid dagger, aote, ice spray, flower of truth, phantom rod, florid zombie, spirit leaps, superboom tnt. Item suggestions and reasoning: The livid dagger: is overall one of the best DPS weapons. The reason I prefer the livid dagger over the shadow fury is because of the 100% attack speed, and crit chance.Weapons. Swords; Bows; Equipment. Armor; Accessories; Equipment; Enchantments; Reforging; Potions; Pets; Mobs; Main Pages. Items. ... Or Livid and SA if you have more money. 0. StellarSilver · 6/12/2021. For earlygame, there isnt really any way to do sven packmaster well, the best you could probably do with a budget of 1m is t2. Wolves do true ...89. Aug 17, 2021. #9. voidknight1 said: attack speed. if ur 50mil midas does... lets say 30k. and ur livid dagger does uhh... 25k. ur livid attacks twice as fast, meaning midas does 30k dps, and livid does 50k. just use attack speed build.You need around 30 to get to higher floors like f5-f7. Grind revs to get combat exp since dungeons is garbage for combat exp. You could also grind zealots to grind a bit of money at the cost of losing exp. 1. Reply. Just_Why_Was_Taken • 2 yr. ago. Baby yeti.

Hey, today I compared the Aspect of the Dragons with the Livid Dagger in Hypixel Skyblock.Thank you to @Turtle_Gun_Hypixel_Skyblock for giving me money to ma...Livid dagger is a good all round weapon, and a clean juju (same price as max livid) will be no good to you compared to a decent dagger. So if you have cash, get juju, but if not livid is best (OFA or enchants). Use juju and 2/4 sa and expect to 1 hit everything. why are you booing him hes right.

Here is a list I compiled of all the best reforges for weapons, armour, and talismans. Weapons: Fabled on the swords (Eg. Livid Dagger or AOTD) (I would recommend getting the Heroic reforge on your AOTE for extra mana) and for the Flower of Truth, probably go with Dirty, but you can go with Fabled or Suspicious if you want.miscellaneous. - at least 100 fairy souls. - aote, super boom, spirit leaps, a good bow. - healing items ( ornate/florid, radiant/mana flux/ overflux) strats for playing f5 for the first time. - stay back and let your other team mates do the dmg , play support by using a bow or only rushing in when most mobs are cleared.

Considered an upgrade to the Livid Dagger, it boasts higher damage and an ability that teleports you to nearby enemies and hitting them. No Mid-game Floor VI completion The Flower of Truth deals great damage for its price. It can be used as a ranged weapon due to its ability homing in on to up to three mobs. Yes Mid/Late-game Zombie Slayer Lvl 7Livd Dagger . costs 7m (i am sorry forgive me ) (use fot if you want to) Pet -. Epic Tiger pet . costs 1m. Reforges -. Werewolf armor should be reforged to giant if you want ehp or ancient if you want damage. Livid dagger should be reforged to Dirty using Dirt bottle bought from smithmonger npc. Cost -. 4m coins werewolf armor. 7m livid dagger.May 2, 2021 · This is why 537m is a small price to pay for your dignity. In conclusion, the livid dagger is an essential part of skyblock, to allow players to keep their dignity. P.S. in addition, by buying 84 livid daggers, you will have caused to market to inflate so much so, that the people who thought of buying them, and using them as a good weapon, will ... Livid dagger all the way and I would recommend one with one for all for around 10m which would probably end up doing around double the dmg of an livid and 100% crit chance and 50% attack speed. B. _benji_ Member _benji___ Benjis Guild Guild Master Joined Jul 16, 2021 Messages 5 Reaction score 0.ok heres a fun fact: livid dagger has 100 attack speed. if you have more attack speed im p sure you can do more damage since there isn't a cap, but there is a cap to crit chance (._.) there is totally a cap you moronic lamp. Better than fast since it gives a few damage modifiers.

Heatseeker5 said: w h a t. Livid dagger is better. uh. fot is way better. less dps, but shreds hordes of mobs wich is more useful. livid only deals lots of dmg backstabs. (well dps clearly livid) But I suggest FOT. I sacrificed my wise drag set to get it.

Which is better Dungeonized Aotd or livid dagger for both dungeons and in general? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Possible-Painting722 ... I might stop playing for a while, whats the best endgame minion setup for long term money?

What is the best enchant. I'll be using my Livid Dagger for everything, zealot grinding, dungeons, slayers, etc. ReturnToSlime Well-Known Member. ReturnToSlime. SBNOfficial NERDS ... See further information and configure your preferences. Accept all cookies Reject optional cookies210. Reaction score. 27. Jul 7, 2021. #3. baby yeti if you have problem surviving or maybe something like a leg wither skelly for damage.May 25, 2023 · thumbnail: iwaschosen# 7402 (discord tag)yt banner and avatar: mkxn# 7738Like and Subscribe for CRAZY RARE DROPSTWITCH: Subscribe :)_____Pack: Icefall 16xClinet: Lunar ClientServer: Hypixel.net_____Credits:Gameplay: MeEditing: Me_____#min...Guide/Tips. People right now are saying shadow fury is better I think that too but there's also better parts for livid that sf doesn't have. Livid is good for F6. The reason why it's good for F6 is because of the ability that makes you deal 100% more damage when behind the mob. When your doing teracottas its terrible but after the ...Blaze-Programming. •. First get all the max level enchants from the enchanting table. As for conflicting enchants: syphon > life steal, sharpness for general purpose but smite is generally better in dungeons and zombie slayer (I would recommend sharpness, first-strike > triple-strike, prosecute for 1 tapping things and execute for everything ...

ThatGuyJupe said: oki, also one more thing, sry. golden livid or golden necron. If your doing: floor 5 use golden livid. floor 6 use golden sadan. Floor 7 use golden necron. if you don’t use the golden head designed for that specific floor then the golden head’s 2x stats wont work. so make sure you use the correct one.Dark claymore is best. gs is budget dark claymore. reaper scythe is budget gs. sf is budget reaper scythe. necro sword is budget sf. livid dagger is budget necro sword. aotd is budget livid dagger. aote is budget aotd. raider axe is budget aote.Oct 7, 2022. #6. TheGamingWd said: Personal opinion, but SA chest plate isn't as good as you would think, might stuff be an improvement compared to zk CP, but not a huge improvement, either way, I would recommend Shadow Fury due to its recent buff that's actually making it viable. It's not even an improvement.I have a decent Livid Dagger now, but I want a higher damage weapon (preferably melee). I am wondering if I should buy a Shadow Fury or save a bit more to buy a Giant Sword, but then I'm considering just going the extra 100m-200m and buying a Claymore, but then again ill have to do an m7 comp which requires cata lvl 36 (lvl 24 now). Just for intel.This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring.Jan 7, 2024 · Shadow Assassin this set is a really good berserker to archer set which is the best class for mid game players the weapon is recommend to be a Livid dagger either fabled or spicy reforge! The Shadow assassin armor should be legendary rarity, you can increase the rarity using 8 livid fragment per armor piece* (100k per fragment)

Lmao look at those votes on reaper falsc. I do t5 revs in full ancient reaper, ancient necron helmet and ofa reap falc and it works just fine for me. Giant Sword trust you will get 300K damg with 3/4 reaper and tara helm. Just use giants sword really budget weapon. I do them with necron + warden helmet and giant sword, kill them in less than 10 ...3 Jul 2021 ... HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK (Giant's sword vs Livid Dagger). 14K views · 2 years ago #hypixelskyblock #minecraftskyblock #minecraft ...more. Nitroze. 65.6K.

Why do people put lfiesteal or syphone on livid dagger, when you can put smth like ofa? Advertisement Coins. 0 coins. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. Valheim ... GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Crypto. Cardano Dogecoin Algorand Bitcoin Litecoin Basic Attention Token Bitcoin Cash.Some of the pets aren’t maxed so keep them in mind. Also, the tests were all conducted on a dummy on my private island. I timed the amount of time it took to kill the boss and then divided the seconds by the amount of health of the dummy. Livid Dagger | 705 Strength - %704 CD | 10 MIL HP 56.99 seconds [LvL 100 Epic Tiger] DPS 175k.I am cata 17 currently and i main fot now. You're probably fine with that gear. Just make sure you have a damage pet equipped and that whatever weapon you're using (livid dagger or FoT is best) has syphon and ideally cleave aswell since I've heard that it increases your health gain for damage.Sep 21, 2020 · Sep 21, 2020. Replies: 52. Right now the best set-up (assuming one is below catacombs 29) is full 5-star shadow assassin armor with a maxed out livid dagger. Shadow assassin gives great str and the most crit damage of any set, and the full set bonus is insane. However, because of the rarity of wither essence right now most berserkers use either ... 6. May 4, 2022. #1. So i just bought Shadow Assassin Armour and a Livid Dagger and my damage was boosted by around 4k, which is pretty good for the stage of Skyblock I am in I would presume [I am now currently at 35k damage] When I deal Backstab it is around 65-68k. However I have heard of some people dealing way more without the backstab ...If you have trouble beating f5, pay about 500k to 700k for a f5 carry to use Shadow Assassin armor and a livid dagger. Shadow Assassin is the best armor for damage in dungeons under cata 28. This is the first difficult dungeon if you are a new player. The berserk will be dealing good damage, and you NEED a healer for f5 and f6.History of all Livid Dagger items sold on the Hypixel skyblock auction house. SBAuctions. Home. Livid Dagger. Time: Price: Auction Type: % % Loading ...Hello everyone! I have been considering getting a Withered Livid Dagger, and I was wondering which one of these Ultimate Enchants is better for a Livid Dagger. If you have any suggestions other than these two options, please let me know! ... the best ult enchant is to sell it and buy a shadow fury and optimize ur talisman reforges with bloody ...

1,674. Reaction score. 1,451. Nov 12, 2022. #7. Justenqu said: I have full sa with livid dagger and baby yeti pet, god pot is on with decent talismans. Decent talismans is like ~50 at least.

Specially when also, considering that a livid dagger's dps is close to mimicking other much more expensive weapons such as the Shadow Fury. If money isn't an issue, you should definitely get a giant's sword with at least t6 enchants. ... If that's a lot of money, then the Shadow Fury will be the best weapon after Livid Dagger, in my opinion. If ...

Fabled Ofa livid dagger. 35. Reply. [deleted] • 3 yr. ago. You can put both fabled and ofa on a livid dagger to max its damage. But ngl ofa shadow fury and reaper scythe far outclass ofa livid dagger, so I'd suggest going for one of those instead. You should be able to afford one of those if you can afford ofa anyway. 9.Also dungeonize your gear when grinding dungeons. Weapon: AOTE->AOTD->Livid Dagger/FOT->Shadow Fury. Armor: Ender->Strong dragon (or cheaper)->3/4 SA->Necron. Talismans: As much as you can afford, get silky power stone as it is super cheap and good. Pet: Epic tiger is really nice and affordable.Strategy. Livid Dagger Strat. Here is a remarkably straightforward method to consistently trigger the "100% more damage" Livid Dagger ability, which is currently quite formidable: Acquire a Silent Death (no additional enhancements such as stars or reforges are necessary). Employ the ability. Transition to the Livid Dagger and click. EXPLANATION:0. Torwakeo·1/9/2022. So to start off One for all is a Enchantment that is meant to be used on late game weapons which the Livid Dagger is definitely not part off. Next a Livid Dagger shines especially with its base 100 attack speed which makes any attack speed reforges on talismans unnecessary and allows for maximum syphon/life steal.1,699. Reaction score. 363. Dec 31, 2020. #4. swarm = big dmg per hit in crowds of enemies (most boss rooms have several enemies, like phase 1 of f6/f7) soul eater = on kill casually gain thousands, tens of thousands, and maybe even hundreds of thousands of strength to ****ing OBLITERATE the next thing you hit, but its only one hit.miscellaneous. - at least 100 fairy souls. - aote, super boom, spirit leaps, a good bow. - healing items ( ornate/florid, radiant/mana flux/ overflux) strats for playing f5 for the first time. - stay back and let your other team mates do the dmg , play support by using a bow or only rushing in when most mobs are cleared.Berserker is a good class because of its ability to deal high damage while maintaining a high survival rate. It lets you kill mobs easily and the life steal is insane which makes it difficult to die with the right gear. Dungeon Floor Requirements: Entrance - Combat 15. Floor 1 - Catacombs 1. Floor 2 - Catacombs 3.Watatsumi Island KOKOMIGuild Master. So I am cata 27, so in my brain I thought I should try to move on to floor 7 (since I have started dungeons I have been a mage) and I use Livid dagger, and spirit spectre, and I was wondering what weapon I should use to be able to floor 7 stable. Thanks for reading this, have a good day.1. Mar 12, 2021. #3. Chezzsnake said: you should stick to dagger until u manage to get storms or Necrons. Maybe get FoT but keep ur dagger. If u want to do massive dmg get a Shadow furry or a Aotj (The aotj is a joke no offence) which is better, necron or storm. 0.️ 1499 ️ 778 482 74% ☠️ 423% 223/228 Fairy Souls ️ Fierce Diver Armor ️ Dirty Axe of the Shredded Enchanting 60 Legendary Squid (Lvl 71) Slayer: 9 ️ 6 6 3 Avg Skill Level: 32.4 Senither Weight: 2,542 Lily Weight: 1,614 Bank: 49.2M Purse: 9.1KWhich is better, Livid dagger or AOTD with Dragonfuse Glove? : r/HypixelSkyblock. r/HypixelSkyblock. r/HypixelSkyblock. • 10 mo. ago. imyaboiii.

Yeah but we're talking best weapon; livids easily the best weapon in terms of budget but in terms of best weapon the necron blades are likely the best regardless of how hard they are to get. you can get 1.5k dmg 500 str with valkyrie. 10k dmg 3.5k str in dungeons. I don't know why this is getting downvoted, it's true. Weapon: Dreadlord sword ; Pet: Enderman (epic) Notes: Tier 3 also isn't that hard with this setup. You just need to hit the boss with your sword and if you get low you can use a healing wand. Revenant Tier 4. Gear: Strong dragon ; Weapon: Revenant falchion or livid dagger ; Pet: Enderman (epic) or tiger (uncommon or rare) 3/4 sa or crimson with double healing helmet, livid dagger, mana flux and wand of mending/restoration is GOOD ENOUGH. Livid dagger better then voidedge because same dps double lifesteal. To kill tier 3 voidglooms you're going to need full fd, voidedge and soulflow. Giant sword is not needed. Ender artefact is optional.Instagram:https://instagram. ga tag office gwinnetthudson florida movie theatersen2251 lightsstar boar Oct 16, 2020. #2. OmgItzMarshmello said: Whats the best reforge for livid dagger, and since livid gives 100% crit chance whats the best reforge for your armour, is it no longer fierce or is it something else? fierce gives most cd on armor. for dagger id say its fabled. 1.36. Apr 5, 2022. #19. 7ke said: CORRECTION BEFORE ROAsTING ME: *LIVID DAGGER IS BEST FOR MY PRICE RANGE, NOT THE BEST OUT OF ALL. I would recommend getting a shadow fury , it is An Amazing option and … crestview fl pawn shopshow many tablespoons in a milligram Reaction score. 2. May 10, 2021. #1. So currently i have a hot potatoed fully enchanted livid dagger with full strong dragon (Dont judge why i have strong dragon armor), and an epic ender dragon. i dont know which ultimate enchantment to … is jocelyn shaker a real person slightly more expensive than livid. doesnt have base attack speed. cost more wither essence to 5 star. For livid dagger: Good: 100 base attack speed. more convenient to use, only need to max damage reforges on talismans. much cheaper than shadow fury. 100 cc which isnt hard to obtain but is nice to have.It's so good. With full SA + Livid Dagger and full blessings I usually reach 2000+ strength and 1600-2000 critical damage. Livid Dagger is still possibly the best DPS sword* *this is to my understanding, which may be flawed. The 100% attack speed is still ridiculous, and practically allows you to infinitely combo the giants and the golems.Shadow fury doesn't get outclassed by giants sword. Lol. Just because it has a lot of base damage, doesn't mean it's better. Giant has no strength and fury, with fabled, it outclasses giant sword with around 900 dmg and 600-700 strength. Livid is a good sword and recommend it and so is flower. But giant really isn't worth it cause it ...